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Luxurious Vacations that Soothes the Soul:

  • Vacation in the lap of Luxury on the untouched northern coast of the Dominican Republic, surrounded by mountain ranges, lush tropical vegetation and the sparkling silvery hues of the ocean

  • Bask in the sun and enjoy gentle ocean waters of exclusive Caribbean beaches

  • Enjoy the superior accommodations, service and food

  • Be catered to and pampered


Welcome to Lifestyles Resorts

  • As a VIP Share Holder Omreizen.com can offer unparalleled accommodations and amenities not available to other VIP members:

    • Limousine Pickup from Puerto Plata

    • Complete VIP Platinum Supreme Amenities, including:

      • Complimentary Ocean World tickets for All Guests

      • Golf Cart for Guests staying in a Villas

      • One Free Private Barbeque in your Villa

      • Breakfast prepared and served every morning in the Villa

      • Access to Select Gourmet Restaurants

      • Availability of 3,4,5,6 and 7 Bed Room Villas (based on size of party)

      • Access to ALL the exclusive beaches and VIP areas

      • Vegas style shows and VIP Parties


Crown Villas

As the ultimate in luxury and exclusivity, we offer the Crown Villas. Small estates with luxurious private three to seven bedroom villas with your own swimming pool offers guests a unique and exclusive vacation experience.
Alternatively The Presidential Suites by Lifestyle are luxury accommodations, setting a standard of lavish comfort with 36 scrumptiously appointed two-bedroom suites.

Please visit the VIP Accommodation link for more details and select the VIP accommodation of your choice to experience a
Dream Vacation of a Lifetime


Room Cost (Per Night)

All Inclusive Rates (Per Day, Per Person)

Villas Weekly Rates (Rate= 7 nights)


Children   Cost Per Person
(@ Max Adult Occupancy)


3 Bed Room

Sleeps 6



50% Off Adult Rates $1800.00* $300.00

4 Bed Room

Sleeps 8


$2200.00* $275.00

5 Bed Room

Sleeps 10


$2500.00* $250.00

6 Bed Room

Sleeps 12


$2700.00* $225.00

7 Bed Room

Sleeps 14


$2996.00* $214.00

: via PayPal

* weekly rates are discounted approx 5%:

Check the Omreizen Pricing link for all Accommodations Details:

Click Here to reserve at Nightly Rates:

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Exclusive Beaches

As an OmReizen.com guest you will enjoy the Lifestyles exclusive beaches Serenity, Harmony and VIP Beach which are normally only accessible to Lifestyle Holidays Vacation VIP Gold Club members.



VIP Accommodation

We offer the Crown Villas. Presidential Suites, , Crown Suites (including the Penthouse Suites),  Junior Suites and Tropical Resort. All accommodations set a standard of lavish comfort.
Please select the accommodation of your choice to experience a Dream Vacation of a lifetime.
Lifestyle Holidays offers an exclusive collection of accommodations.
All accommodations are located directly at Cofresi Beach


This beautifully designed resort includes a full range of amenities to complete your Caribbean vacation experience. Highlights include three swimming pools, beach club and seven restaurants, including two buffets and our Gourmet- Restaurant. 


Lifestyle Holidays offers a wide variety of activities for your entertainment




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